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27 December 2007 @ 09:03 pm
yuletide! yuletide!  
Oh, my goodness. This was my first year doing Yuletide, even though I've watched it grow and watched friends do it for years. Perhaps you have not noticed, but I'm a bit shy. Yuletide has always seemed so scary and complicated and I can really be a terribly nervous person, so I stayed away. I thought I would use this year to ease in, kind of get my feet wet. I was so worried about my own story that I barely thought about the one someone was writing for me, and I'm a little overwhelmed.

They are this:

The Highest Reaches of Hell. Batman Begins.

"You'll have to ask someone else about that," Bruce laughed easily, sliding an arm around her shoulders. She accepted the gesture but didn't simper and giggle like the brunette of two weeks ago had done. "I spent all my time in hell."

This is awesome; I'm obsessed with the idea of how Bruce gets away with it, and Batman Begins is such a rich source material for that. It's not just the late nights or the injuries; this is the first movie to deal with Bruce's very public, years-long absence, and I want to know more about how he explains dropping out of sight. For a decade. This is a great exploration of the lies Bruce tells, and the small number of people who realize they are lies at all. The ending, especially, made me gasp with glee.

And! Two Yuletide treats, both Batman Begins as well.

Life in Black and White
. A party; a socialite; a library with a book of maps. I love the division here between the low-level clamor of a society party and the quiet hush of an (almost) empty library. I love the way Bruce switches from deception to honesty and is good with children. This is a great

Q & A Vicki Vale knows Bruce Wayne didn't burn down his own house. This is, one, an awesome story about writing a story, about putting together a narrative and finding things out, and, two, a story that features one RENEE MONTOYA, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I love Renee Montoya, obviously, and her appearance here is a delight.

Three stories! I am, like I said, a little overwhelmed; it's an embarrassment of riches. I'm thrilled that the prompt grabbed y'all's imaginations like that, and I love how the canons interact with each other and bring in familiar characters. So, go read these! They're fabulous. And, if you wrote them, thank you so much. You're fabulous.