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27 June 2006 @ 12:05 am
Meme first!

Reply to this entry with your name and post these instructions in your own journal. I will go poke around your list of interests on your profile and ask you one question about one of them. You wax rhapsodic on the subject of your interest for the edification of all and we'll learn something keen about you.

Or in simple terms:

Reply to this meme, I'll pick one of your interests, and you tell me a whole bunch of stuff about it and we all learn a bit more.

I haven't updated since November! It wasn't like I was updating a lot before that! But I thought this meme was cute, and I'm trying to be (slightly, possibly, I still might change my mind tomorrow when I've had a chance to think this through, don't hold me to anything) more active in fandom, so I thought I would mention what I'm watching and thinking about.

My big fandom thing right now is mostly Stargate: Atlantis, and I would have laughed at you if you had told me that two months ago, but of course that's like a red flag to a bull in fandom. (You laugh, fandom plans. It's thinking.) So far, the fic is really rocking my socks, while the show itself...isn't? Nearly as much? It's not like I've never loved a source material that isn't fabulous, so I'm not complaining, and in any event, the fandom fills in a lot of the spaces the show leaves open, or doesn't consider.

Examples? Sure. The fics that are really working for me are the isolated-Atlantis ones, the ones in which Atlantis is cut off from Earth for years and years, and a lot of people die and have nervous breakdowns, and everyone runs out of toothpaste and condoms and even the most nervous, gun-shy junior chemist is turned into the equivilant of an Army Ranger with an explosives fetish. As far as that goes, I have loved The Secret Lives of Scientists, by Julad (whichliviapenn recommended in a comment about how she would love to see more isolated-Atlantis stuff on the show, and she said it totally smarter than me) and the Retrograde series, by Martha Wilson, and a bunch of other ones that I'm forgetting since I have basically glutted myself on this fandom.

I also loved (I mean, me and the rest of the fandom, obviously) Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose and Your Cowboy Days Are Over, which are only isolated-Atlantis stories in the psychic sense, and the isolation is only a small fraction of what I love about those stories, especially the second. In fact, "Cowboy" hit me deep and hard, and I'm sort of half-formulating a post about it, but I'm not totally sure of every (stunningly complimentary, I assure you) thing I want to say about it.

In fact, that uncertainty is what's keeping me from making a post I've been thinking about for a year or so now, called basically "Fandom Masterlist," in which I talk about all the stories I have loved in fandom and why, and why some of them stick out for me. It goes alllllll the way back to Homicide (but not, weirdly enough, X-Files, which got me into fandom in the first place) and will probably never get written, but if it does it will be amazing. Anyway, one of the things that's keeping me from doing it is that I haven't figured out what to say about all the stories on it (or even picked all the stories in more than an idle, dream-playlist kind of way), so it's a ways off yet.

What else? I'm sad that West Wing is over, and I'm finding that it's being replaced by things I don't feel particularly fannish about- Big Love and a couple others come to mind. I am FULL ON in love with Battlestar Galactica, and I have only the DVDS to keep me warm until FRACKIN' OCTOBER. I am totally psyched for Pirates II (so psyched that I don't actually know what it's called! Awesome!) and Superman Returns (especially since movies are my favorite superhero medium; I have elaborate issues with comics which are another post I have vague plans to make). I enjoyed both V for Vendetta and X3, although my feelings don't go any further (farther?) than that.

So, yeah. I like SGA fandom, but am not that engaged with the source material, and I like Big Love and BSG, but am not that engaged with their fandoms (I don't even know if Big Love has a fandom!).
sinquepidasinquepida on July 1st, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)
Cool- it's now on my Netflix queue.